RV Storage in Cocoa, Florida

RV Storage in Cocoa, Florida

By John Doe

Warm rays of sun and long nights of laughter; what could be better than summer nights and travel days in the RV! Being the owner of an RV can be so rewarding when out and about having a blast, but there is a lot of care and maintenance that is involved as well.When you have an RV you cannot forget the important tasks that keep you safely on the road and at your favorite campsites. Items to consider for owners are wastewater tanks to empty, routine maintenance and where to you keep the thing during the off season?Are you considering purchasing an RV and weighing options of where to put it? Do you currently have an RV and no place to store it? We’ve got you covered; check out the following tips to assist in your decision making!

Where do you store an RV?

A solution may be to store your recreational vehicle on your property especially if you live in a rural area. Using your yard or garage and/or driveway may save you some money and give you all access to your vehicle but this is not always the best or most convenient solution. RV Storage offers many benefits that are important to consider. You may not have enough space on your property, it could be difficult to keep up with maintenance, or you might live in community where RV storage on your property is not allowed. If this is the case, it is time to start planning and searching for RV self storage facilities in your area.

Finding a vehicle storage space

When you are looking for RV storage, some key things to keep in mind; does the facility have security measures in place, such as gates, fences, and cameras? You will want to make sure the facility offers a size large enough to accommodate your vehicle. Be sure to inquire that the drive aisles and ceilings will provide enough space to safely get your recreational vehicle around the property.

Why outdoor, indoor or covered storage?

Self storage facilities may have one, two or all three types of recreational vehicle storage.


RV storage provides a safe and secure environment for your recreation vehicle to reside until you are ready to use it. With most facilities offering extended access hours this is a great place to park your vehicle off of your own property.


storage is a good idea for offering some protection to your RV from the elements. Your vehicle will be shielded from some sun, rain and snow but is still exposed to most elements.


RV storage offers a sheltered area for your vehicle. This will protect your RV from all types of weather – sun, snow, rain types and wind. Keeping your RV inside rather than outdoors can help prevent expensive damage costs long term.

Other solutions

These options may not be for you, depending on your area you may find someone to rent your RV while you are not using it. Think Air bnb! Do have enough space on your property but your driveway or garage is not quite the right? You may find adding a carport – if your neighborhood allows – could be the perfect solution for your need.

If you are in need of a recreational vehicle parking space in the Cocoa, Florida area Horizon Mini Storage has the perfect solution for you. Check out our website and rent a space with us today!


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